The Firm: Volume 5: Abs, Hips & Thighs Workout

LaReine Chabut
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Lower Body Strength

This is my first Firm video and my least favorite. (I bought others despite this one). As with all the Firm tapes, I can't stand the two-minutes of self-congratulations at the beginning. I bought this one for the ab work (my trouble spot), and I have just never felt the ab work on this was was very effective. I won't say anything more about the instructor. I skip the floor work every time: The "table work" is too long, especially because I can't look at the screen while doing it (My floor is not all that exciting) and the inner thigh work seems to do nothing for me. (I DID find my legs seem to be stronger than I thought). My only other criticism is with the artwork (fake "Old Masters"). While I know all the nudes are there supposedly to inspire us with the beauty of the perfect form, why is the one painting purposely done so as to emphasize the bare female breast. (The original work that this work is based on is not so but the Firm creators purposely edited and arranged it so the moulding emphasizes it.) I appreciate great art, but somehow I find this to be tacky.

Instructor Comments:
Her first name means "The queen" in French and I just have this feeling she knows it. Although another reader called it a "secret smile", sorry, I can't help but think of it as a superior smirk. Yes, she is an actress and a poor one. I never got the feeling she was doing anything more than reading the script. (In addition, in the beginning when she is opening the doors for the rest of the crew, I can tell she was told to touch each person on the shoulder in a "caring" gesture. It just rings so false). Sorry to say it, but it's what I think.

Laura B