Hit the Spot: 10 5-Minute Target Toners

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I should start this review with the full disclosure that Denise Austin is not my favourite instructor ever. She seems nice, but I just never bonded with her instruction style. I got this dvd because the format (numerous mix and matchable short workouts) appealed to me, and it sat on my shelf for two months before I tried it.

That said...I actually plan to keep this one. Some of the sections are much better than the other, and I am not sure any of it is really intense enough or comprehensive enough to be one's sole strength training program. But she has some unique moves in here for things like hip flexors and rotator cuffs that I liked, and a few Callanetics-type tiny movement things for the lower body. These would be nice add-ons to work the body in a slightly different, more 'functional fitness' type of way.

Her cueing leaves something to be desired (she will often start doing a move before saying what it is, so you ave to watch the screen carefully and think on your feet) and I still don't think she will ever be my preferred instructor. But these little mini-routines do have some moves worth keeping, and they'll make some nice add-ons---for now. If I find after a few more months that I am not reaching for it, or that I am but am not getting appreciable results from the work I'm doing, I am not so loyal to Denise that I wouldn't trade or sell this in a heartbeat.

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