The Firm: Volume 4: Time-Crunch Workout

Susan Harris, Kai Soremekun
Year Released: 1990

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is an excellent video that makes me sweat sweat and sweat some more! It goes by fast and you feel it all over, especially if you use heavy weights. Alot of people have mentioned how they feel the abs section is so great but don't know why. It's because you NEVER STOP contracting the abs, even when switching between exercises. Your shoulders or hips are off the floor and contracted the entire time! Whew! But it greatly increases the intensity and justifies the short length of the set. This is a great video I will use over and over again.

Instructor Comments:
Both instructers are great in this video, even though I like Susan better with another 5-8 pounds on her as in the later videos. Both are enthusiastic and Kai is like a tiny endorphin machine! They never seem to tire however I realized editing had a bit to do with that (one minute you see a step the next you don't, etc.)so I guess they are human. Kai does some really lame dance moves in her intro and an all out hysterical dance routine at the end that seem to serve no purpose except to add a bit of humor, which is fine with me. Overall A+