The Firm: Volume 4: Time-Crunch Workout

Susan Harris, Kai Soremekun
Year Released: 1990

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This was my first Firm video, and I liked it so much that I bought all the others. I have had it for years, but I still do it once and awhile and get a good workout. I feel it is as good as a 42 minute workout can get. The cardio parts do get my heart rate up, the toning feels very effective, the abs are good ... It is just a good all-around workout, and good for when I feel short on time and/or need to get back into weight training. I do wish they had included some tall box leg presses, and I find the ankle weight stuff less than effective. And, like many other people, I find the "finale" at the end just plain silly. My mother also has this video and she really likes the workout as well. I give this tape an "A."

Instructor Comments:
The instruction in this video is generally very good. I prefer Susan Harris's segments. She is kind of like a drill captain in this video, but the style works. Kai's segments are fine.