The Firm: Volume 4: Time-Crunch Workout

Susan Harris, Kai Soremekun
Year Released: 1990

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a video that I do pretty often, primarily because I don't always leap out of bed when I should, so I can still get a good workout in, in about 40 minutes. I use very heavy weights with this tape, so even though it's short, it really wipes me out. Short aerobic segments, both on and off the 10" box alternate with muscle-toning sequences. Kai leads the aerobic segments, and Susan leads the weight work. All the major muscle groups are covered WITHOUT floor work! (Yay!!!) Can you tell I'm not a fan of floorwork. There are lunges, dips, plies, overhead presses, lat rows, french press, pushups, the usual Firm repertoire. The aerobic stepping segments are pretty has basic stepping, one has knee-ups, and the other is similar to the tall box work in other Firm videos. All use light weights, which of course you don't have to use if you're not comfortable stepping with weights. It's done at a slow enough pace that it doesn't really bother me. It has a short, but very intense ab section, and ends with a stretch. Oh yeah, there's some little dancy thing that Kai does at the very end that I don't bother with. I think this tape is probably about as thorough a workout as you can get in 40 minutes, and I really like it.

Instructor Comments:
I like both Susan and Kai in this workout. They're both very motivating.

Melissa F