Burn Fat Fast - Cardio Blast

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Another solid intermediate offering from Denise. Backed by her squad of 20-something, silent but determinedly smiling women, she offers four 10-minute cardio workouts that can easily be done back to back.

The production values are good, the music is soft but appropriate and well pulsing. You have the option to turn Denise's voice off. You sure don't really need it as far as cuing is concerned.

Kickboxing included side to side lunges with punches, side kick plus front kick (with other leg) and a combo of jab-cross plus four knee raises, jack back. Also three roundhouses to one side, then the other side.

Retro Dance included two five-minute segments of simple combinations, include hamstring curls, chasses, step touch with big arms (working your core rather well), four knee ups forward, then side kicks back, V-steps, step-slides, ponies and step scoops.

Athletic Intervals included the inevitable ski jumps side to side, plyo lunges (building up from cross-country skis), knee pulls and other bootcamp style moves.

Dance Aerobics included the mambo cha cha, sambas, chasses with rock step, and ballet-style "leaps" on one leg.

All the workouts feature simple combinations that are then TIFTTed.

Instructor Comments:
One thing you can say about Denise, whether you like her or not -- you always know what to expect from her. Her cuing will range from so-so to very late, she will utter phrases like "strong bodies" and "you're burning fat, yes you are," and she'll whoop a bit during some moves. Her eyes will almost seem to bulge. But in the end, she will deliver a solid intermediate workout and somehow make me realize I actually like her.