The Firm: Crosstrainers - The Tortoise

Susan Harris, Tracie Long
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I have only positive things to say about this tape.
-The set is the classic Firm mansion, which I like, but there are less background exercisers and I think for that reason it looks a little more modern than the Classics. Minimal leotards.
-There is adequate time to change weights, boxes, etc., but no wasted time.
-Ballroom aerobics are fun! They aren't very challenging, but I get my heartrate up a lot by using a much higher step than they show in the video.
-Susan Harris does stretching and an aerobics segment. Her presence is pleasant. She is very different from Tracie (different body type, breathier voice) and it's a nice break in the flow of the workout.
-I love the begining of the tape. There are a tiny bit of warmup movements, then an ab section, followed by an aerobic warmup and then a stretch. I like this because the stretch and aerobic warmup are separate. It's a neat idea to put abs in at the begining, because your heart rate doesn't need to be up to do them, but they GET your heart rate up a bit.
-There are real stretches between strength moves.
-The only floor work is abs and a short set of pec flys. No floor leg work is always a plus for me!
-It's challenging but not impossibly hard. I think that's the kind of workout that most of us like to reach for on most days.

Instructor Comments:
Tracie Long is, of course, fantastic. She is very serious but still smiles, she cues perfectly and has a great presence. She is encouraging but sticks to cueing rather than babbling about other stuff.