The Firm Parts: Tough Aerobic Mix

Susan Harris, Janet Jones-Gretzky, Sandahl Bergman, LaReine Chabut, Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Tough Aerobic Mix
Approximately 38 minutes of aerobic work plus warmup and cooldown

This tape is exactly as it's name implies. Tough! You will need a set of 1 to 1 1/2 lb. ankle weights (Not for leg work; they are optional for jogging in place. Since the section that uses the weights for jogging was made in 1986 and recent research suggests not to use weights during aerobic work, you might want to forgo the weights entirely.), a set of 3-8 lb. dumbbells, and an 8-10" step-up box.

This video contains 5 short sections of basic, high impact aerobics interspersed with 1 low impact section containing plyo-jumps and jacks (the rest of the moves in this section are marches and low impact kicks). The high impact segments contain jogging, jacks, kicks, lunges, plyo jumps, scissors, triple steps and hops. They are easy enough to follow and really test your cardiovascular endurance. (I know this tape was very instrumental in improving mine.) There are 3 sections that use the 10" box - not for traditional step aerobics but for a unique move called "box step downs", which, simply put, are reverse squats off the box done with dumbbells in the hands so that you are working your quads, glutes and arms simultaneously. Arm work consists of bicep curls, delt lifts and overhead presses, as well as some back work. There are a few floor sections that use dumbbells as well for squats, lunges, and arm work while your feet are moving in simple lateral or frontal patterns (side toe touch or toe taps to the front, for example).

Do not be surprised if you can't make it all the way through this video the first time. It's definitely an advanced level, fat burning powerhouse of a workout.

Roberta Kagno