The Firm: Strength (aka: Strong Body)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I LOVE this video! This is the 1st strength video I ever purchased (because of the reviews here) & I haven't been disappointed. I actually look forward to doing this. I love the set, the workout, the music, and Pam's encouragement. The 4 limbed aerobics with the sambas & triple steps is lots of fun w/o being complex (good for a klutz like me).

The pushups, french presses, & abs work are killers, while the lunges & dips - and even the floorwork - have slimmed my thighs (my husband has noticed!).

I'm one of those people who always hated abs work, but not in this video! I actually *look forward* to it :), esp. since I can now actually do the holds with my legs up (thanks FIRM!).

The set it also nice, with rugs on the floor (it looks like some rich person's living room!) And the women in this tape (incl. 1 who looks like she's in her late 50's - she looks fab!) didn't have smiles plastered on their faces all the time, they actually grimaced quite a bit, just like I have. I do admit there is 1 on the tape who looks like she's using too high a weight; she looks like she's really straining & should have used a lower weight (not that I'm an instructor, but I know what it's like to strain a muscle after using too-heavy dumbbells).

All in all, this deserves to be a Hall of Fame video.

Instructor Comments:
She's great! Encouraging without overdoing it, especially when I'm having a tough time doing pushups, etc. Love her voice. Her cueing is off from time to time but not terribly so.