The Firm: Strength (aka: Strong Body)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Need motivation? If you have the Firm Vol. 6 , there is a blonde next to the Marine. That's Pam Cauthen. Also in the Firm Vol. 6 is Firm video veteran Narty Waters. Now look at them. This is the reason why there are so many Firm believers: you not only see great improvement in your own body, you see dramatic changes in their own intructors, you know, as if they really practice what they preach.

I think this video is superb! You should watch it all the way through first becase you need to have your barbell ready for the lat rows midway through the video. If you choose to use your barbell again, you will have to pause to adjust it.

I think the Benson sisters must have being reading various Joe Weider publications when they designed the Variety series. It seems as if every so- called Weider bodybuilding principle is here: muscle confusion, supersets, giant sets, pre-exhausting the muscles.

Strongbody emphasis heavier weights than Strongheart with Heidi Tanner. There are few reps. Each muscle is worked starting with lunges to warm the legs up. There are two sets of push up/french press combinations for the triceps. This is finished with triceps kick back. There is more triceps work later in the video.

Often one side will work, with other exercises interspersed than you will work the other side. In between there are the famous weighted 4-limbed aerobicss. More legs presses and squats. The squats can be done with a barbell or dumbells. The toe-touch deep knee bend precedes each set and conditions the legs.

In both tapes, the muscles are worked over and over throughout the video so you think you lats are done, more lat work keeps popping up. Biceps are paired with lat work, shoulders are paired with triceps work. This technique is effective ; working a large muscle group then working on the supporting muscles (lats/biceps or chest/triceps).

Pam's form in excellent. Some of the exercisers need to use lighter weights but they really sweat.

About the video, this is a nice change, it's still in a mansion but this would be the library as opposed to the recption hall of the same "mansion." The set's colors are classic Town & Country, wood paneling, rich burgundy, oriental carpets, a triomphe l'oeil bookcase, and marble busts. The workout gear picks up colors that are found in the carpet and bookcase case.

This is one of my desert island videos. I now have Cathe's Bodymax, which is a step up from this. so I hope the Firm will put out another series of this quality.

Instructor Comments:
As I said previously, I remeber how Pam Cauthen look in the Firm Vol. 6 with Jayne Poteet. She is very ladylike without being coy or cutsie. She has a pleasant demeanor and looked as if she was wnjoying herself. Her cuing wasn't really a problem for me since the Firm has really simple steps and isn't hard to follow. Speaking of instructor, I would love to see Narty Waters lead a Firm video. She's awesome in the Variety series.

Jean L. Wakefield