The Firm: Strength (aka: Strong Body)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I bought this tape after I bought FIRM Crosstrainer: Cardio. My first reaction was "Oh no, MORE leg presses." (This, of course, was before I got Tough Tape. Now the Crosstrainer series is a cake walk.) I really like this video. It goes by really fast and it is very thorough. Every muscle and body part is worked nearly to the point of fatigue. I also like the order of the exercises, but like with most FIRM videos -- I really hate the warm up. It's really just not enough! You've got your leg presses, squats, (dreaded) push ups, tricep work, biceps, shoulders, back, sit ups, inner and outer thigh work and a good stretch. All of this is mixed in with that funky FIRM music and those fun, but odd "aerobic" intervals. I really like the "basic training exercises" (straight leg toe touches with a squat at the end). This is a great strength video for beginners as well as advanced exercisers because - as with most FIRM workouts - the stronger you get the more weight you can handle. I give this one an A-

Instructor Comments:
I love Pam's accent. It's fun but not annoying. She's also very perky, and really beautiful, but down to earth looking. Her instruction is, for the most part, on target but there are a few mis-cues and a couple of times she explains the move AFTER she starts it which can be sort of confusing (and annoying). You start to not notice that after you do the tape a couple times.

Tami Skelton