The Firm: Strength (aka: Strong Body)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I love this workout. I like most of the Firm workouts, and this is one of the best ones.

When I do this video, I do it purely for strength training and don't even worry about the aerobics - I think of them as being there just for fun and as a break from the grueling strength training. This is a very thorough workout for the lower body, upper body and abs.

One thing I like best about this workout is that, kinda like in Cathe Friedrich's Maximum Intensity Strength, you work one body part pretty completely before moving on. For example, you do lunges on one leg, then squats, then lunges on the other leg. Then you do pushups, then French presses, then more pushups, then tricep kickbacks. It makes it hard, but effective.

I highly recommend this video and give it and A+!

Instructor Comments:
I really like Pam Cauthen and wish she made more videos! She has a very gentle, calming voice, so even when I'm killing myself I feel relaxed. Her form is very good, and her body shape is very inspiring; muscular without being bulky.

Mary Truscott