The Firm: Strength (aka: Strong Body)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Comments about Pam Cauthen:

I like this instructor. She's easy to listen to, easy to watch and cues very well. Her voice isn't 'sexy' like some of the other Firm instructors. She's one of my favorites.

Comments about the video:

Well, here's an almost on-the-spot review of this video. I just finished it for the 11th time about 10 minutes ago and I feel GREAT!!! I do this video every Monday morning at 5 AM before work and it's just what I need to jumpstart my week! On Wednesday I do Strong Heart and on Friday Volume 4 (although I just bought Tortoise and it looks good, too). On Tuesday and Thursday I do cardio work, either my treadmill/Nordictrack or The Firm Tough Aerobics 1 or 2 or Kathy Smith's Aerobox.

When I do a video for the first time, I usually either love it or hate it. I loved this video the first time, love it now, and I will never get bored with it (I tend to get bored VERY easily). It's a super total body strength workout and wipes me out. As The Firm promises, I saw tiny little changes in my body in less than 10 workouts. The changes are slow and subtle, but they're definitely happening.

The aerobics segments are a welcome rest from the dumbell work and are low impact and low intensity. My heartrate gets much higher during the strength training that during the aerobics. The entire video is a good cardio workout.

I'm not sure that the floor inner thigh work really does much, but the ab workout is a killer. Be careful if you have any lower back problems. You may want to remove the ankle weights before doing the abs and put them back on to work the other inner thigh. There are a lot of lower ab raises and the ankle weights add stress to my lower back.

Both the warmup and cooldown are great. I'm not usually one to lavish praise easily, but I think this is a SUPER video!

Joni O