The Firm: Strength (aka: Strong Body)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I think this is my favorite Firm video (or did I already say that about Volume 4?). I got Strong Heart and Strong Body about the same time, and at first, I liked SH much better, but now I look forward to my SB days.

SB is very intense, strengthwise. I it is the first section where you use weights, where you do a set of lunges, then dips, then squats. Then you change legs and do it all over again. This video works the same muscle groups together (as opposed to SH, where you work arms, then legs, then arms, then legs...). You do three long sets of lat rows, and then a few minutes later, do a set of heavy lat rows with one arm. I usually am more sore after doing SB than after SH.

As for the aerobic sections mixed in through the video, I can't say this is a very aerobic video. I think of the aerobic sections as a rest for my muscles, and I suppose it is better than passing out on the floor to rest, but I can't say my heart rate gets in the aerobic zone. This is true of the three most recent Firm videos, SB, SH and the Tortoise. I've never done the Hare, so I can't say if it's aerobic or not.

Anyway, I highly recommend this video, it's tough, but I think it would also be quite adaptable, if you are just starting out, just use lower weights.

Trish Ransom