The Firm: Super Body Sculpt

Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I like doing parts of this one; never done the whole dvd as one workout before but I've done the upper body and abs together. The lower body part I find challenging with the hover squats and tall box climbs but not as bad as the lower body from body sculpt (IMO). The upper body starts with pushups using the fanny lifter (fanny lifter is said so many times you'll get sick of hearing it!) and there's a lot of getting up and down(guess so she can say fanny lifter for getting up and fannylfiter for sitting down again!) she says when to get light, med, heavy weights and there's time to get in position for the next move. the abs you sit and do some type of leaning to the side to work the obliques then do crunches with feet on the fanny lifter and some other type of bicycle/pilates looking move. I'm weak abs and overweight so I can feel these moves. plank is at the end or plank on the forearms then stretch.
The only annoying points in this dvd: 1) they focus a lot in the upper body part on the other stephanie (think that's her name) on the right side of the screen and she seems to be 'showing off' by suckingher her stomach and sticking her boobs out (minor point but it irritated me) 2) got tired of hearing fanny lifter and the unnecessary getting up and down (most arm movements you can sit on the fanny lifter so why get up just to stretch the arms then sit back down?!) 3) the warmups were way too long IMO for the short workout following them. why do all those leg movemetns to warm up the arms?! but the workouts are short and to the point and so far I like doing them.

Instructor Comments:
has an accent but I like her.