The Firm: Super Body Sculpt

Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

Super Body Sculpt is a great workout that does it all in under an hour. I have the chaptered version with the purple cover. You can do upper body, lower body, or abs, or do all three together. Unfortunately, you canít move from chapter to chapter, so you really just pick one or all three. Itís pretty hard to skip around on this DVD.

Each section has its own warm up and cool down, which unfortunately you canít skip, except by fast-forwarding or using your DVD playerís Search function. Even if you do all of them, the workout clocks in at about 45 minutes.

The upper body workout consists of the following:
1. Pushups and lat rows
2. Overhead shoulder press
3. Double arm seated lat row
4. Tricep French press
5. Tricep kickbacks
6. Front and side delt lifts
7. Bicep hammer curls
8. Tricep French press
9. Bicep curls

The Fanny Lifter is used to sit on and for pushups. You could easily do the upper body segment without it.

Lower body workout includes:
1. Hover squats
2. Leg press
3. Squats
4. Squat abduction off the Fanny Lifter, alternating with dips
5. Lunges onto the FL
6. Leg press
7. Squats

The Fanny Lifter is used for the leg press, squats abduction, dips, and lunges. You could substitute a household stool for this. They use the whole FL and one of the smaller segments. The only time you really NEED it is for the leg presses.

Ab work includes:
1. Side crunches where you sit on the FL with your legs apart. Put one arm behind your head, other out to the side and reach sideways down to the floor (like in BSS1 Cardio Sculpt and Maximum Body Shaping)
2. Crunches with feet on FL, straight up and then to each side
3. Lower body crunch with knees bent
4. Pulleys (bicycle)
5. Lower body crunch alternating tapping feet to the FL and then extending legs straight out
6. Planks

Again, you could easily do this without the FL or substitute a stool.

I use relatively heavy weights for this workout. I mostly used dumbbells, but for some of the lower body, I got out my barbell.

Itís better than the old Firms in that you stick to one area of the body at a time. I did need to pause occasionally to switch weights. All you really need are dumbbells and a stool though, so this workout is great for time-crunched days or days when you want something relatively straightforward. The lower body work is pretty similar to Lower Body Sculpt 1 with Lisa Kay, except that it doesnít include cardio segments.

Libby demonstrates modifications throughout and does the whole workout without weights. I really think this is a good workout for all levels. While you wonít do a dozen different exercises for each body part, you will get a good, thorough workout in a short time without needing a ton of equipment. The pace is better than older Firms, and itís less gimmicky and gadget-oriented than many of the newer Firms.

Instructor Comments:
Stephanie is her usual self, a ďNew FirmĒ instructor. She cues well, gives some form pointers, and words of encouragement. Her comments do seem scripted, but not overly corny. She is relatively laid-back, compared to some instructors. Her personality fits this straight-to-the-point workout.