The Firm: Super Body Sculpt

Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

When it comes to creating a list of my favorite FIRM workouts…this one is tied for the top of the list. Thhe workout is led by Stephanie Corely and is a part of the BSS1 six-pack. It is filmed in the new (post-2001) set and there are 5 master instructors present for the workout. One instructor always shows modifications.

This sculpting video is unique to the Firm in that it is separated into three distinct sections: Upper body, Lower body, and abs. You can choose to do all three for approximately a 40 minute workout or you can choose from any of the three sections. I like the DVD because it makes it really easy to do this. I had the VHS for it, but found it awkward to fast forward or rewind to the section I wanted.

The upper and lower body sections are 15 min each and the abs section is about 10 mins. Each section is self contained with its own warm up and cool down. I know that some people here have found it awkward and weird to do this, but I reall like the fact that every 15 minutes, I get a mini-break in my workout. A chance to shake out my limbs and get ready for something new.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Stephanie's style. She reminds me alot of Tracie Long in a no-nonsense kind of way.

Cori (ziggy2306)