The Firm: Super Body Sculpt

Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

One good thing one can grudgingly say about Good Times is that for the first time, I can actually find Firm tapes in my local stores (in Canada) and not worry about cross border shipping charges. So I took the opportunity to pick this one up at my local drugstore.

I am a long term exerciser who has fallen into doing yoga almost exclusively while letting my cardio and weights tape gather dust. This is a perfect re-entry tape for getting back into traditional weight and cardio training, as well as being short, so I can tack on some yoga afterwards. It fulfills all my objectives as this point - simple, efficient, and organized so that if I needed to I could do upper body and lower body separately. The equipment required is less than some Firms, requiring only a Fanny Lifter and dumbells (I used my regular step and Rubbermaid box). It's just varied enough to keep up interest, without getting overly complicated or fancy.

Who will enjoy it? Those looking for shorter, straightforward sculpting workouts that are easily modifiable, with relatively uncomplicated moves.

It might disappoint intensity junkies used to the older Firm Classics, as well as those who are very attached to the old Firm look and music. I really don't mind either incarnation of the Firm, so it's just fine for me, and I quite like the newer lineup of Firm instructors.

The music is admittedly rather insipid, but at least not annoying.

Instructor Comments:
Clear, friendly, and accessible in the same way most of the Firm instructor are. I can't decide if she's a little on the bland side, or just that she doesn't have anything that stands out, either way.