The Firm: Maximum Cardio

Carissa Foster
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I receieved this tape about a year ago and have never been happier. Cardio Burn is a really fun workout but not easy to do all the time since the impact is SUPER high. Max cardio i feel ive done a superb cardio workout without feeling so burned out. I sort of wish they had a little less weight section and more just cardio and abs at end. I also find a lot of Firm videos who have abs in the beggining of a workout like Core Cardio, Better Buns, and Hare and Tortoise much better than a warmup.
Carissa starts out with a fun warmup and you use a weighted ball (more like my daughters' play ball for me) its baout 7 minutes.

Then she starts out with some step lunges alternating legs quickly-more of a cardio based while holding the ball in her hands while pushing forward and up. Then jogging back and forward and some light jumps.

Next comes 4 box stepping segments..the first one you just toe-step while holding 5-8 pound dumbells while lifting them to your shoulders..this is performed slow and steady and i like this one.
Next comes another set of box alternating V steps with your dumbells as you alternate upright rows, along with alternate step lunges on box. Then some light delt lifts. Then more step ups with delt lifts and leg lifts.
Then after that she steps pretty fast and steady holding 2-3 pound dumbells doing lat rows pretty quickly. Then some stepping on box with no weights alternating hamstring curls. this is where her cueing is a bit off. But i could keep up..and if you cant on this one..just march or step to your own thing while she is doing this one.
After that she goes back to floor aerobics where you do light jumping and jogging and then comes some marches with light dumbells and plyos!! Then her last high impact with the oof ball again doing high jogs and light jogs...this is where youll start to sweat the most! But its a fun workout with LOTS of variety..and thats what i love about the FIRM. Her last cardio is some slow step ups on the tall box..remember,,if you cant do these then do some lunges on the floor the way youd be if stepping ....its just as effective..and she does this very shortly so dont worry.Cardio Burn does the fanny lifter climb for a long time...almost feels like 10 minutes!! But its more like 3 or 4. But Max cArdio is way cool and never keeps me board one bit!
Next comes some lunges, lat pulls with barbells (use dumbells if you dont have a barbell), tricep dips with tall box step, more dips and pushups and then Abs which i wish werent so short...but you can always do some of your own abs or another ab set from a different tape i recommend 5 day abs from the Firm. Good Luck...this one is worth it!

Instructor Comments:
She is a joy to watch although her cuing in one box step is a little off...she is pretty much easy to follow