The Firm: Maximum Cardio

Carissa Foster
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I couldn't wait for this video to come out!!! I loved her section's in Core Cardio 1 and 2 and Bust and Butt. This is an all Carissa fabulous workout! The workout starts off with a fun warmup using a weighted ball and then goes into a fun ball aerobic segmant that is more low impact. This workout is not as high impact as Cardio Burn(Tamela) and Power Cardio(Dale). I like that! Carissa's step section are the the best! Don't expect her cueing to be like Cathe Friedrich's. But if you do the workout over and over, you will get the step. The step uses light weights and also no weights. It really gets my heartrate up! The music is fabulous!! Very upbeat:) Then comes 2 really fun floor aerobic sections with excellent music. Can you tell I love the music in this workout?!! The choreography is 1/2 low and does have some higher jumping moves and a rock kick move that is higher impact. She also does some marches with weights and some great plyo hopping moves. This really gets the heartrate up. Next comes another ball aerobic segmant which is very high impact but you can modify it to low marches and still keep your heartrate high because you are pushing a 3lb ball up and to the front alot and this really works the chest and shoulders. The side hover squats using light weights are great for the buns and legs and then you do tall box climb's (but not as many as Tamela's Cardio Burn TAll Box work). This really burns the the butt to do tall box right after the side hover squats. For the rest of the workout, Carissa uses a light weighted barbell(looks like 15lb) and she does some bent rows and hover squats and tricep dips( this is all she does for the triceps). Next comes dips using a short box but I use my 14 inch box. In between each set of dips she does a set of barbell curls and upright rows. The final ending is my absolute favorite. It is lunges onto the short step and she does pushups in between each set of lunges. Carissa is dripping with sweat all over her tights and I am dripping with sweat too:) The ab work is very short but the music seems like it should be in a motion picture. Wish it was longer. The ab work is side oblique crunches laying on your side and also some upper and lower ab crunches. The cooldown is very relaxing and fast. The stretches are all done sitting on your box and standing too. This Firm video delivers a great 45 minute cardio workout with light dumbbell/light barbell work. It's entertaning with excellent music and a incredibly gorgeous instructor. Carissa is wearing a green exercise outfit. Her golden brown hair is pulled back in an elegant ponytail. The set is the famous mansion setting with a blue background.

Instructor Comments:
Carissa is my favorite Firm instructor. Not only does she do an excellent job leading a Firm video but she does it in an elegant and classic way. On every aerobic section and every toning section, her posture is perfect. I love it how she is dripping with sweat in this video. That is rare for Firm instructors. She has the longest legs and she is a Natalie Wood clone! I hope she continues to lead the Firm video's because she is the best!

Mandy Lee