The Firm: Maximum Cardio

Carissa Foster
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Sunday night I did one of the new FIRM cardio tapes that had been sitting on my bookshelf screaming “Open Me!”. After getting advice from some of my friends on the FIRM list I chose Maximum Cardio with Carissa Foster. From what I heard, this was the one with the least impact and the one you can easily modify.

I am 33, overweight , asthmatic, and a little on the uncoordinated side, this was much needed advice. I am also a FIRM believer with 68 videos (41 are FIRM). In the past 10 months since starting with the FIRM (started 3/2/99), my body has changed so much! I describe my fitness level as intermediate.

I previewed the tape and the advice I received was right on the money. The equipment used was the short step, tall step (for tall box climb) dumbbells, barbell (or dummbells held at the shoulders). This is a fun tape. Carissa looks radiant…geez, she has legs up to her bustline! Her form is impeccable and she seems like she is genuinely enjoying the workout. For a while, I thought that instructors did NOT sweat, but girlfriend proved me wrong! She cues well, in my opinion (mind you I am a klutz!) My favorite part of this tape was the box aerobics. The “sports drill” with the ball was killer! I had to drop the ball for part of it because halfway through, my arms were calling me nasty names! The floor aerobics had some moves that I am still working to get down pat, and they definitely get your heart rate up.

There was some leg work with the barbell (dips and lunges). The upper body work consisted of shoulder work rows and clean and press moves with the barbell. Also, there were some biceps and tricep work.

She was very encouraging throughout the workout saying “great job!”. At the end of one of the segments, she smiles and says, “You did it!”

One fault of this tape: I don't think the tape worked the abs well (it did "core stabalizer" moves). I suggest using 5day abs or doing your own ab work.

I absolutely loved this tape! I look so forward to doing it again real soon! I give it 2 biceps up!

I can't wait to preview Power Cardio with Dale Brabham.

Jill Averett