The Firm: Lower Body Sculpt II

Libby Heath
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Lower Body Strength

This short half-hour all-floor workout is meant to be cross-trained with the all-standing Lower Body Sculpt 1, and I think it does so. It is a short, non-fussy no-nonsense routine and I really enjoyed it. I am not generally a floor work person, but Libby alternates exercises and keeps the sets short so I was able to get through this with no problems.

This routine is light on equipment for a Firm tape. Libby uses a weight and the “fanny lifter” but I got by okay with neither. I never use weights for lower body work, and for the one seated section I used my stability ball.

The workout begins with a short warm-up, that in typical firm style works one half, then repeats on the other. It was easy to follow and not especially memorable. Then there is a short “seated” section that alternated quad lifts with doggy-style extension-type kickbacks. This is the part I used my ball for.

Then it’s mat time. Libby alternates a leg exercise with an ab exercise. So you get bridge work mixed in with a crunch/obliques medley, then leg lifts for inner and outer thigh and more crunch-type work. Then a decent-length cool-down stretch and we’re done.

Libby does not exactly scream "personality" but she is competent and gets the job done. I would say the main selling points of this routine would be the length, and the fact that the sets are short and change often to prevent boredom. That can be a drawback though---really advanced people might not find it tough or high-rep enough.