The Firm: Lower Body Sculpt II

Libby Heath
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Lower Body Strength

This is a very pleasant, solidly intermediate 30-minute lower body workout that concentrates on seated and floor work. The only squats and lunges are in the warm-up, and there are only a few of each. Libby says at the beginning of the workout that the goal here is to work the lower body with minimal strain on the joints. I usually do Cathe's workouts for strength training, and I find this workout a nice change of pace.

This workout does use the Fanny Lifter, but since I don't have one, I substitute a short stool. Works just fine. There is seated quad work using a weight on the thigh to increase the intensity, followed by hamstring work, abs, more hamstrings, abs, outer thighs, inner thighs, and abs. Libby includes a short stretch between sets. There aren't that many reps of any one exercise, so advanced and upper intermediate exercisers may not find the workout sufficiently challenging. It is motivating, though: the first time I did it, I was inspired to keep working out and so I followed it up with the floorwork from Cathe's PS series. These two put together made a really good workout! On its own, however, Lower Body Sculpt II is thorough and hits all the major lower body muscle groups.

The target audience here is beginners and intermediates, and that is probably who will get the most use out of it. There is a modifier showing modifications for beginners; the camera work does not always allow us to see what the modifier is doing, but Libby does remind us many times that she is there showing modifications. Since this workout is only 30 minutes and there are not many reps of each exercise, it is a perfect tape for intermediates.

The advanced exerciser will want to use this as an add-on or save it for lighter days or days.

The workout begins with a warm-up and ends with a nice stretch.

Instructor Comments:
Libby is a warm, encouraging instructor. She demonstrates the intermediate and advanced moves but constantly reminds beginners to watch the modifier. She talks throughout the workout, but it's always about the moves--no idle chitchat here. She describes the moves in great detail, very specifically explaining what you should be doing with your body.