The Firm: Lower Body Sculpt II

Libby Heath
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Background: I'm advanced exerciser, Cathe cardio and strength are the mainstay of my program these days. Firm's were my core routine for a few months early this year (2002). I got the fanny kit tape set, etc. I'm taking a 'easy week' right now and revisiting some tapes and trying others for the first time.

The set is nice and airy, same as in the fanny kit tapes. The faces are the same as fanny kit tapes too. This tape is all sitting and floor work for the legs and butt. I liked it enough, but I would have REALLY liked it if there were a couple more sets per exercise. you do a superset for each leg first, exercising quads then hammies intermittently. Not a lot of reps. Then you go to the floor, and do supersets of abs, hammies, inner and outer thigh work. Again, all classics, I can use as many decent floor tapes as I can get, but not enough reps. In fact, after I got done with this I was so inspired by the lack of work on this tape that i plopped in Karen Voights Great Weighted Workout floor work (I only did half of it, but just telling you to illustrate the lack of reps in this tape).
It's too bad, because other than that, fine tape. I don't know how much I will be using it though, because I felt more work in my legs from 15 mins of Karen's tape than I did in the whole half hour of Firm Body Sculpt II. Boo hoo!!!

Instructor Comments:
Pleasant, nice, personality shines through as much as it can, given the format.

Kathy Weller