The Firm: Cardio Sculpt Blaster

Lisa Kay
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This is one of the short add-on workouts to the BSS1 system. Its focus is cardio, though they do use light dumbbells for a cardio-intensifying effect.

The workout begins on the floor, then moves to the Fanny Lifter, then you do more work on the Fanny Lifter with dumbbells. Next you stack both sections of the FL and do a squat series using the tall box and dumbbells. Then itís back to the FL without dumbbells, and then back to the floor for more aerobics.

Dumbbells are used for bicep curls, shoulder presses, and triceps presses. You could easily leave these out. I wouldnít think this would really do much for your arms unless youíre a beginner or someone who sticks with lighter weights as a rule.

One exerciser, Libby, shows beginner modifications throughout. The whole workout can be kept pretty low-impact, which I appreciate. You can also make it more challenging by using the 8 inch section of the FL or High Step or whatever equipment youíre using. The choreography is very simple, you donít do anything much more complicated than a grapevine. Because of that and because of the length, I would recommend this to someone who wants to try the Firm but doesnít have a lot of equipment or want long, high-impact workouts.

For the advanced, I think this is a good add-on workout because itís one of the few Firms that really is cardio rather than aerobic weight training.

Instructor Comments:
Lisaís cuing is much better in CSB than in the recent BSS3 workouts.