The Firm: Cardio Split 1

Nancy Tucker, Allie Del Rio, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I have to say that out of all my Firm tapes I seem to be using this one the most. (I have 27 tapes and i use them all in pairs most of the time) For example I use vol 2/vol 3 together, vol 5/vol 6 together NSTA/TA together, Tortiose/Hare, Strengh/Cardio, Tough Cardio Mix/Core Cardio 1, Max cArdio/Cardio Burn, Better Buns/Standig Legs, Floor Legs/BetterBody and Buns, etc..

anways, this tape seems to be very handy if you only are short on time, or you can put this one together when you do have time. If i find i need cardio and weights but i have less than 30 minutes this one is very effective in using each segment. Although each segment is short (upper is 27, lower is 24-workout only-thats not counting warm up and cool down)they seem to be very effective no matter waht. Probbably since they pack in enough work in each segment. Sort of like Vol 4 (Time Crunch) except you can choose upper OR lower body..and no matter which one i choose, i always make sure i do the abs..yes they are a bit short but seem to be VERY let me tell you in detail about it :)...
Warm up--very nice and short with Jen Carmon who seems to be that wonderful welcoming Cheerleader (she really reminds me of a Basketball Cheerleader because she is always in high spirits and ready to cheer for you to keep up your moves!! Plus the warm up doesnt seem to drag on like most Firm warm ups (although no complaining since i usually dont warm up-i know shame on me!

Lower Body-(1st Aerobic phase) At first Jen Carmon does a fun jog w/bicep curls that soon turn into this (ill say it again) cheerleader type arm sway that you hold up to your sides, fold your arms quickly, then throw them up again...but dont worry-your not swining them...your simply holding them and then to a faster pace. Then she does a fun kick and knee bends then to kick sway then back to those cheer arms!!
(1st weight work)- Next is Nancy Tucker who always makes you feel like your safe (like a motherly you do these leg presses while you step down, then with short fast small dips before stepping up again which just makes my fanny raise to the top! My butt has REALLY lifted just because of those fast dips! Then alternating more leg presses with quick pulses , then a quick upper body chest press (i dont own any barbells and always use dumbells for leg press-10-12 pounds which works just as good). I really dont think they needed to show the chest press work since the first segment should be simply just leg work but thats ok.
(2nd aerobic phase)-next comes Carissa Foster (just love her in blue) and she uses a 8 or 10 inch box for stepping. Now these moves are a little fast so if you are a beginner or on one of your tired days i recemend using a 4 inch or no box! Even with no box its trully effective becuase while your stepping your lifting your legs alternating which again lifts my fanny to help sculpt my butt. She alternates these trully quickly and its very short but effective adding some fun jumping jacks after each leg-lift-step.
(2nd weight segment) Next comes Nancy again with lunges, dips, and curtseys which i LOVE since curtsey dips are so much fun and a change of pace from original lunges as you sort of lunge backwords like a dip but in a differnt angle...if you have really bad knees then you can do these like normal lunges so dont skip this one! Its a long set but trully worth it!
(3rd aerobic phase) last aerobics are with Dale!! She does a fun side step adding light jumps and these fun steps where you hold your arms out and back in (another fun cheerleader type step)..this one isnt too high impact so your not too tired and up and ready to still move again!
(last weight work) Carissa does some simple and effective standing squats using dumbells with ankle weights while standing leg lifts and standing inner thigh lifts which i adore since many Firm tapes dont really have much standing inner/outer thigh lifts...dont worry if you dont have ankle weights...still effective if you hold a 8-10 pound dumbell against your leg while doing the inner/outer thigh lifts (which i do myself)...then she ends with more slow elevator squats using dumbells again..i trully find this a great short workout..

Warmup-nice and slow except it throws you off seeing her on the floor all of a sudden (Carissa)i usually do my own strecthes so i dont worry how warm-ups and streches are more into how the actual workout is. Overall this segment of lower body is a wonderful quick but effective workout..

Now for the upper body segment..

Abs-about 5 minutes starting with some fun warm up with dumbells..which to me is more of a fun upper body light workout more than a warm up so do this and youll feel youve alredy started! Jen does this warm up. Then to Abs! She does this starting with the right side lifting one leg onto the knee while lifting upper-than lower abs-than crunching together..then other side..then to some fun side crunches along with stabolising back work which is a new asset to the Firm and i love these! Always important to work your lower back to get that all around ab muscle!You sort of kneel on your elbows while lifting onto your toes and you pose for a few seconds while holding in your abs for a quick burn! Youll feel it! ;)

(1st areobic phase) Starts with Jen holding a ball (you dont really need a ball but its a great alternative)..she does light jogging and side sways usuing the ball and light jump squats with, fun , fun!

(1st weight segment) Starts with Dale doing Goodmornings that works your hamstrings..then back to sitting on your tall box for lat pulls...than more good mornings and more lats

(2nd aerobic phase) I liek this one the most because i just love 4-limb aerobics...this one i use 5 pounds but use 3 or 2 on your tired days..Jen does bicep curls with hamstring kicks, alternating upright rows while alterante thesse moves through out the whole segment (very effective)

(2nd weight segment) Jen cArmon does some nice pushups, bicep curls and rows that really get your heart pumped! Than back to some tricep curls..

(3rd aerobic phase) Dale does this one doing soem light stepping and bow-arrow rows with arms...light jumping and this will not tire you but keeps your heart rate going..

(3rd weight segment) more lats, pushups and some nice tricep dips using tall box and more bicep curls.

I trully rate this video A+!! Very short segments that keep you from being board and although each segment isnt very reallly is effective if you want to alrternate...somtiems i do each segment a day if im really short on time..especially if you have any kids! my daughter is 4 and very active! And on your total body days this video rules!! So buy this video...and if you already own Super Sculpting and Super Cardio...these videos trully have all their segments made from those tapes so mix and match with those tapes too!

Instructor Comments:
All instuctors were great! I only wish they had more of Dale in it since i always feel more motivated with her since she always seems so "no-nonsense" (probably since i dont own any tapes with just her in it like Power Cardio-i still need to get that one!)