The Firm: Cardio Split 1

Nancy Tucker, Allie Del Rio, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

As I did this workout today I felt like I was back in an AWT class at the Firm studios.... the only difference is that: at the studio it was the same instructor all the way through...for one hour.

The style, however, is the same: that is, a high impact cardio segment then three or four weight segments then another high impact cardio segment then three or four weight segments and repeat and repeat for a total of 5 or 6 cardio segments interspersed among the weight segments for a total of an hour.

In several segments, where you see a lot of Jennifer she has different hairdo's, obviously taped on different days. (At first, I almost didn't realise it was the same person!)

Here is the order and breakdown of this tape:

1st part: Lower body (24 min.)
Warmup: stretches and squats, spinal rolls, heel lifts, punching arms accross, ham curls, pull backs, step sides w/ bicep curls, chest press w/ knee lifts, frontal sweeps, etc. (Jennifer)
1) Aerobics -(3.5min) running in place, kick fronts, knee ups, leg lift, jacks, and knee cross. (Jennifer) (high impact)
2) Leg press w/ Barbell Tall box. 1st. leg then 2nd. pulses (Nancy)
3) Overhead press w/ Barbell (Nancy)
4) Leg press w/ Barbell Tall box. 1st. leg then 2nd (Nancy)
5) Cardio on Short Box (I use 10 in): legs back then jacks, glute repeaters(Carissa)
6) Lunges w/ Barbell , curtsey back, cross lunges (Nancy)
7) Aerobics: (3min) double steps, hop steps, V-step, double skips (high impact) (Dale)
8) Squats (Carissa)
9) add ankle weights, side leg lifts, outer then inner thighs. w/ dowel (Carissa)
10) Squats (Carissa)
Stretches w/ Allie

2nd part: Upper Body (27 min.)
1) 4-limbed warm up,hops and biceps, squat w/ hammercurl, step side and abduct, (Jennifer)
2) Abs (Jennifer)
3) core stabilisations on elbows(Jennifer)
4) Abs, pikes, oblique twists (Jennifer)
5) Core stabilisations on elbows (Jennifer)
6) Ball Aerobics: shuffle back cross, run in place, plyo, punch ball (sports thrill) (Jennifer)
7) Good Mornings w/ Barbell (Dale)
8) Bent rows w/ Barbell (Dale)
repeat 7 then 8 again
9) Posterior Delts w/ stomach on box (Dale)
10) Pushups on box (or bench) (Dale)
11) 4-limbed Aerobics, heel lifts w/ toe taps, then w/ rows, then ham curls w/ biceps. (Jennifer)
12) Upright row w/ barbell (Jennifer)
13) bicep curls w/ barbell (Jennifer)
repeat 12 and 13
14) Aerobics: marches, step side, triples, kick w/ biceps, samba, pivot, jacks then low jacks (Dale)
(music- indian floute)
15) Bent rows w/ dumbells (Jennifer)
16) tricep dips off box (full and small range extentions)(bench)
17) French press w/ one dumbbell (Jennifer)
18) Triceps dips off box (bench)(Jennifer)
19) Posterior delts over box (Jennifer)
20) Pushups on box (Jennifer)
Stretch w/ Carissa

Total length of tape - 51 min.

This tape is a perfect introduction to a newbie to the Firm style of AWT.... it is highly motivating, and personable... the instructors' energy spills over... IMO!

If you are an AWT lover or a Circuit or Interval lover... this tape should satisfy your needs... just up the weights or step heights for more intensity!

The only thing that I decided to personally add to this tape... (because I need it!) is that I usually rewind and do extra outer and inner thigh leg lifts and rear leg lifts (a la Susan!)
That done, for me it is a thorough, excellent complete workout! IMO


Instructor Comments:
Each is unique and their smiles are contagious, all likeable and all very good instructors. IMO!