The Firm: Cardio Split 1

Nancy Tucker, Allie Del Rio, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I'm really glad I waited to do a review on this tape. I got Cardio Split 1 for Christmas and wasn't wild about it at first so I didn't do it again for a while. Now after having done it several times recently I really like it. It's definitely not a killer tape, but if you want a tape that gets in both strength and cardio in less than an hour, CS1 is a good choice. You can even split the segments up if you are really in a hurry, although I agree with the reviewer who said that Part 2 doesn't really stand on its own as well as Part 1. The ab work is just after the warmup for Part 2, so you could do Part 1, then fast forward to the ab section and get those in too and still be finished in less than a half hour. The reason I don't think Part 2 would be a good stand alone workout is that without the standing lower body work from Part 1 to get your heart rate up in the first place, I don't think your heart rate would really go up very much in Part 2. That means those cardio sections are basically taking time away from weight work so you don't get very many sets of the upper body exercises either. Part 2 only seems effective to me when done immediately after Part 1. In fact, when I do the tape I do Part 1, then I fast forward through the warmup to Part 2 and the ab work just to keep my heart rate from completely dropping. Then I go back and do the ab section right before the final cooldown. I also modify some of the moves, namely the curtsy dips and the pulsing leg presses and just do regular dips and regular leg presses. The other ones hurt my knees. I think part of the reason I didn't like the tape at first was because of those moves. Once I modified, I found I enjoyed the tape a lot more. Overall, I think it's a pretty fun tape and just challenging enough to feel worthwhile, without being painful.

Instructor Comments:
I agree with most others that Jen Carmen really stands out. No complaints about the others.

Dana Shepperd