The Firm: Cardio Split 1

Nancy Tucker, Allie Del Rio, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I really enjoyed this tape and the music is absolutely fantastic - the first 25 minutes is a leg workout, but you know The Firm - putting aerobics in between segments to prevent boredom, which really works for me. I was ready to keep going, but the segment ended and the upper body was next. I would have liked the leg work to be about 10 minutes longer, maybe with another set of leg presses, and some floorwork instead of the standing work with the ankle weights and dowel - even with 5 lbs. ankle weights and 2 sets, I didn't feel it was effective. The upper body was a bit longer, with aerobics and strength work. The reps are too few and one set is not enough, but again, I love the Firm and use their tapes in combo formats. I will use this tape with Core Cardio I, Step and Stones I or II, All Cardio or Tough Aerobic Mix.

All instructors do an excellent job cueing in this video.

maryann parker