The Firm: Cardio Split 1

Nancy Tucker, Allie Del Rio, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a 60 minute Firm parts workout. The sections were taken from the Super Shapers(2 new video's called Super Cardio and Super Sculpt). This parts tape is a circuit style video.

The first 24 minutes focuses on lower body and the second 27 minutes focuses on upper body. You can alternate doing lower body one day and then upper body the next or do both for a 51 minute workout.

The warm-up is led by Jennifer Carmen and has fabulous music. The warm-up is low impact and has a nice stretch. The first aerobic segmant led by Jennifer is very high impact jumping and jogging with arm patterns. The music is super upbeat and Jennifer has lot's of energy. My heartrate was very high right away.

Next comes Nancy Tucker with a great tall box to some upbeat reggae music. She makes the tall box tough because she does tall box pulses which I've never seen in any Firm video. The first tall box does 25 tall box reps on each leg and then you do 8 over head presses and then you do 15 more reps on each leg. Very tough. I was already sweating since I used a heavy barbell. This workout uses a barbell a lot but you can always use dumbbells if you don't have a barbell.

Carissa Foster follows with a fun step section that is easy to follow. It is low impact but still intense. Nancy Tucker does a great lunge segmant to guitar music.

The Firm introduces a new kind of dip called a "Curtsy Dip" Just like the name says, you cursty down and pulse. You can really feel it in the hips and butt if you use a heavy barbell. After the lunge segmant, Dale does a more higher impact floor aerobics section to a super fun soundtrack. Carissa then does 2 sets of 1/2 time squats and elevator dips with ankle weights and then she does some standing outer and inner thigh work. They use a dowel for balance. Allie does a quick stretch(hamstring, back and hip rotater)to very peaceful new age music.

Then its back to quick warm-up with Jennifer Carmen using light weights. You are jumping as you do bicep curls and then side delt lifts with a leg out and also squats.

After the quick warm-up with no stretch, there are 2 ab sections with ab stabilization in between. She does this tough move called a "6 count twist" which really works the obliques. Following the abs, Jennifer does a more high impact floor aerobics segmant using the Firm OOF ball. This got my heartrate up! The music is very jazzy.

Dale then follows with deadlifts/goodmornings using the barbell. She does 6 reps and then you do double arm rows with the barbell (8 reps) then back to the second set of deadlifts/goodmornings. This time you do 5 reps. Then back to the second set of double arm rows and this time you do 7 reps. She then has you do Reverse Flies (6 at half time, 2 pulsing). Then you do Romboid pinches (4 at half time, 3 at 3count pulsing, and 1 at seven count pulsing).

I felt I could have used heavier weights on this section. Next time I will pyramid up in weights.

Dale then ends with 7 pushups using the tall box. Jennifer Carmen then follows with a low impact floor limb aerobics section doing upright rows and bicep combinations. This really fatigues the muscle using light weights because she does tons of reps. What is really tough is that after this section, Jennifer has you do more upright rows and bicep curls and over head presses with a heavy barbell. So you get plenty of shoulder and bicep work and I sweated a lot! So did Jennifer Carmen.

Dale then does a low impact section that used a song from Fat Blaster(Allie's first floor aerobic song). I loved this part. Dale's combinations are fun and easy to learn. Some of the moves are Samba's with a triple step and front kicks. She does do 8 high impact jacks but she does say you can do high or low impact. she shows how to do a low jack.

The final upper body weight section is done by Jennifer Carmen. She does 12 double arm lat rows with heavy dumbbells, 8 reps of French press which wasn't tough for me. She does 9 reps of tall box tricep dips. The tricep section is weak. Not enough. She then does over 20 reps of Posterior delt flies. Very tough! She finishes with 8 pushups.

The yoga style cooldown and stretch led by Carissa is unique. There is alot of back arching. For instance you are on your tummy and you grab your ankles and lift up. I've seen this move on yoga tapes. She also has you lie on your back and arch your back and neck. I'm still trying to figure this move out. She then does a straddle stretch and she has the longest legs! They look like they stretch from east to west! Wow! She looks a lot like Natalie Wood. She then does some standing back and outer hip stretches.

All in all, this Firm workout was fun with new moves and new upbeat music! I can't wait to see the new Super Shapers that this video was taken from.

Jennifer Carmen does an excellent job on teaching and form points. She is full of energy, smiles and shines health. Carissa is a tall statuesque Firm instructor that resembles Natalie Wood. Dale Brabham has a dazzling smile and incredible muscle tone that is very motivating. I love her French twist hair do. She does a good job on cueing. Allie Strickland only does the quick cool down on the lower body section. Nancy Tucker's weight sections are the best! She does a good job on teaching and has a some awesome abs!

Mandy Lee