The Firm: Cardio Burn

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This workout is becoming one of my favorite Firm's!! The warm-up uses a weighted ball and you don't have to have the ball for the rest of the workout. The stretch uses light weights. I like this because you get some light toning as you stretch the calf and hip flexor. The workout starts off with 2 step sections. One is more low impact but the second section is more tricky and high impact. You have to really memorize the choreography because the cueing is confusing. The rest of the workout flies by and is so much fun to do. It is high impact choreography circuited with light floorlimb toning(like squats with a side delt lift). The high impact choreography is power squats and alot of jogging. There are some fun turns. Tamela looks like a cheerleader. The light toning is tough though because you get alot of reps. I never thought a 5lb dumbbell would be tough! The aerobics section finishes off with some tough tall box climb. She does over 50 reps and my heartrate is way up there! The rest of the workout is toning for the body. A barbell and dumbbells are uses. Tamela does some fun lunges with plie work. The lunges are fast like a lunge you would do as you chase a tennis ball. I liked how they put lunges right after the tall box climb. This really felt good in the glutes. She then does a hover squat/squat combination with pushups. I love the music on this section! Really jazzy. The dips to classical music are tough when you use a heavy barbell. She also does some bunny lunges as you hold the barbell in an isometric bicep hold. The bunny lunges are tiny lunges to the side. The bicep curls with the barbell are nice and slow so you really feel it. The workout ends with some minimal tricep work. She does 2 sets of French Press and 1 set of kickbacks. The ab work is very good. It's alot like Pam Cauthen's STrength ab work. Alot of upper and lower ab combo crunches and side oblique crunches. Very thorough. The cool down is very short and I wish she held the stretches a little longer. She does the stretch to Swan Lake music. It's a great fast 45 minute workout. It just flies by. Tamela wears a blue tank top and shorts outfit. The set is the famous Firm mansion setting with peachy/orange wall color. The music is more new wave and light rock. Kinda like U2 or Bruce Springstein. But there is jazz and classical music too.

Instructor Comments:
Tamela reminds me of a mixture of Susan Harris(the long blond ponytail is back!) and LaReine Chabut(playful eye with the camera). Tamela is full of smiles and energy. I just love working out with her as a teacher. It's amazing that she has 3 boys! She has a very inspiring body type.

Mandy Lee