The Firm Basics: Abs, Buns & Thighs

Stacy Millner-Collins
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I have had this tape for years, but recently started working out again after a three- or four-month period of sloth. This is probably only the second time I have ever done this video (I do not remember the first), and it will be my last. During the four-limbed aerobic periods, Stacey is hopelessly off-beat. Hopelessly. One of the other reviews discussed this, and it is no exaggeration. I think it is more serious than just being behind the count. Each aerobics section has no rhythm, is awkward, and is not at all like the Firm. It is peculiar that they even used this footage. This isn't a cueing error- she just doesn't have any sense of the music AT ALL during these pieces. I wonder if they even used the soundtrack during the filming - that is how 'off' she is! It seems as if the rest of the class is torn between following her or following the music. The weights section is very good (and uses the music well!), especially for a beginner/intermediate tape, but that aerobic section is botched. Royally. There are just too many other Firm videos to use instead of this one.

Instructor Comments:
She is pleasant and elegant, despite the rhythm issue.