The Firm Basics: Abs, Buns & Thighs

Stacy Millner-Collins
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Those of us who have been doing the Firm for awhile, particularly Crosstrainer series won't find this video challenging enough -- but then, it's a beginning workout, so it shouldn't be. The Basic series has a place in my video library for a number of reasons. (This tape in particular because I hate lower body exercise -- I think it's dull and tedious.) The moves in Abs, Buns, and THighs offer variety -- from lunges, squats, dips to dowel aerobics, some upper body, etc. The pacing is very good and the transitions smooth. While not strenuous, I felt like I had gotten a good workout at the end. If you're an advanced excersier, you can increase the intensity just by taking the moves a little deeper or by adding weight. Another good thing about this video is the emphasis on form. I discovered I was doing a few minor things wrong. Overall, I was able to improve my technique -- which I didn't think needed it but ... I was also able to 'ease back into excerise' after a bad flu bug with the help of this tape and the other Firm Basics. (ANother reason I'm glad I opted to buy them) They may be easy on intensity but they are a good segue to the harder stuff like FIrm Cardio and Firm Strength. It's a great beginning for someone new to the FIrm, okay for a light day, and definitely good for when you have to take time out from exercise due to illness.

Overall, I give this tape an A for the reasons stated above. I have recommended it, and the Basic series to two friends who have not exercised in years. Let's see if they take me up on it...

Instructor Comments:
Stacey Milner-Collins does a good job with Firm Basics Abs, Buns, and THighs. There were no real cueing gaffes that I could detect. (Usually the Firm has its share.) I enjoyed her pacing and I felt she did an admirable job of breaking this workout down. Lo and behold, after years of "Firming" I discovered my form needed work, particularly on lunges and dips. Stacey gave careful instruction that was easy to follow. She was in an enviable position -- she had an interesting workout to present, and one that had a lot of variety. Overall, she does a good job.

Debra Pellinacci