The Firm Basics: Abs, Buns & Thighs

Stacy Millner-Collins
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I found this video to be the easiest of the three FIRM Basics. The exercises are sequenced quite differently than most other FIRM videos. There is a warm up, followed by ab work, bridge work and lying adductions. I also noticed that they tend to work the left side first. There are only two short segments of low-impact aerobics in this video. This video also has more of a "toning" emphasis rather than strength building. There are lots of squats, lunges and dips in the video.

The music is fun, and has a lot of variety. The production quality is excellent (as usual). You will recognize some of the cast from other FIRM videos. (there is a woman from Strong Heart/Strong Body, a man from Prime Power, and lots of people from the other FIRM Basics).

I enjoyed this tape, and like the other FIRM Basics, I would definitely recommend this video to any beginner. Very motivating!

Instructor Comments:
Stacy is fast becoming one of my favorite FIRM instructors. She has a very soothing voice and calm demeanor. Like Mandy Lee said, she's very elegant.
Additionally, she gives good, clear form pointers in this video. My only slight complaint about her teaching in this video is that her cues seem to come a little bit late. Instead of announcing a new step several beats before the change, she announces right on the change. This may cause some mis-steps in the beginning, but once you learn the routine, the late cues shouldn't be an issue.

Christine Letsky