The Firm: Jiggle Free Buns (BSS4)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I pulled this quick 33 minute workout from my shelf (finally) because I wasn't up to a 55 minute AWT workout. No one told me this was Standing Legs' evil twin in disguise!

I'm a low intermediate, able to survive FIRM Strength, Tough Tape and most leg presses with no problems. I had to take a BREAK during this short workout. Yes, a short break for water and to catch my breath.

They've done new and improved stuff to the ol' 14" leg press, and that stuff is working! Leg press off to the side, leg press stepping wide, leg press with pulses. Add on cardio and plyometrics and you have a serious lower body workout in 33 minutes.

I was so glad to see some deadlifts in this workout, though I could have heavied up a bit on them. I don't think deadlifts have been around since Power Cardio, and I missed them. This workout is so much better to me than tons of leg presses followed by lunges and squats; yes, those moves are here, but the additional changes, plus lunges on the incline mean I felt work in higher up in my buns, and I'm pleased to say there is no "squaring off" of my rear end as with some folks.

I finished off (or, rather, the workout finished me off) as though I'd done a full 55 minutes of work. The music is modern health club, and I'm kinda amused at the Star Wars comment about the last tune because that's exactly what I thought about when I heard it.

I also liked using the TransFIRMer stacked short part in front of taller part, making the Hot Cross Buns move my new favorite of the dork dance. For whatever reason I caught on even with one short demo.

A+. Another fun workout with the TransFIRMer, which I have come to love more than any other piece of equipment.

Instructor Comments:
Pam looks fantastic and is just as much fun as she was in FIRM Strength. If anything, she's gotten better looking over the years.