The Firm: Jiggle Free Buns (BSS4)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I’ve tried this workout twice, the first time using a FL, club step and Bosu; second time around, i used my TF. I will try to describe how you can do the workout using alternate equipment or the TF. Pam uses the TF in 3 of the 5 possible positions: 1) what i call “staircase”, 2) T-ramp, and 3) wide 14” tall box, in that order. These 3 positions form the outline of this workout into 3 segments. Non-TF notes: I used my FL to do the staircase, i used my club step w/1 end resting on a Bosu for ramp postion, and for the tall box, i used my FL in the 14” position; you could probably add risers under your club step to make it 14” high.

And if you have a TF, you can just follow Pam. Be prepared to lift the FL without hurting your back – you’re bending with your back suspended outward, holding a wide and bulky step that weighs about 15#. The club step, by comparison, is lighter and hollow and not bulky since it doesn’t have “feet” attached to it like the TF.

Dimensions of the TF:
Width = 31”; depth = 14”; dark blue is 8” high; turquoise is 6” high.

Warm up, 5 min: staircase position. possible to use a FL, with the 6” closer toward you and the 8” directly behind the 6”, like a small staircase. Pam basically steps onto the 6” and then taps the other foot onto the 8”, easily done on a FL. You don’t really put your weight or lean into that top step – mostly just tapping it.
Club step: you can just step up on the platform with 1st foot, then tap the 2nd foot onto the club step, or kick with that 2nd foot.

1st segment after warm-up:
Lunges on 6” – easily done on both FL and club step.
Hot Cross Buns move: TF is still in the staircase position. you’re basically doing a “grapevine” while stepping up onto the lower and then the upper step, like climbing the staircase sideways. You can do this on the FL. Club step – you can step up sideways and then maybe do a kick with the second foot. This move works the inner and outer thighs.

2nd segment:
TF is then placed into a “T” shaped, incline position (8” forms the top of the “T”, parallel to the TV; 6” is perpendicular forming a ramp resting on the 8”). Thank goodness the ramp is not in the sideways position as they did in BSS3!!! the FL cannot be made into this formation. I took my club step and rested 1 side onto a Bosu and had my 8” FL piece standing by. Pam does a few lunges on the ramp, then she has you do a step-up with 1 foot onto the 8” portion. A Non-TF version would be to ramp onto your club step in an incline position, then do the step-ups onto the 8” FL piece. When switching legs, you’ll need to move quickly over to the FL if the ramp is blocking it. The TF would make this move a lot easier.
On the ramp, Pam has you walk upwards onto the ramp with the lead foot, while the other foot is on the floor. You’re doing a graduated climb with the 1 foot. She also has you straddling the ramp and does a few “over the tops” at the ramp bottom, going over the ramp and onto the floor a few times.

3rd segment:
The TF is placed into the 14” tall box position, parallel to the TV screen. Non-TF suggestion is to set up your FL in the 14” position or add several risers to your club step. The raised club step is better than the FL in this case because she does the wide leg presses after doing narrow leg presses. Step-ups and leg raises can easily be done on a FL or raised club step.
She then does weighted hover squats, which can easily be done on a FL or even a chair. She also does some grapevines around the perimeter of the TF, which you can do with your club step. If no club step is available, just walk wider around your floor doing grapevines.

cool down/stretch:
The 14” height is also used to balance against when doing the runner’s lunges and hamstring stretches.

All of this is done in about 30 min ~ amazing, considering that Pam remains relaxed and unrushed. You can heavy up with dumbbells because the weighted moves are low rep and slower paced.

Instructor Comments:
cues ahead, motivating, encouraging, unrushed.