The Firm: Jiggle Free Buns (BSS4)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I’m not going to describe the workout in detail because Carol did a wonderful job. I really enjoy this workout and usually do it with Jiggle Free Arms to make a total body workout. I like the pacing and organization of this workout for the first two weights sections Pam suggests your medium dumbbells and for the last section your heavy ones, but I think many regular exercisers could just use heavy.

Unlike most Firm workouts there is only one set of leg presses but the last few reps of the set make up for it. After doing a few reps to the back and then a few reps to the side Pam has you do two partial leg presses then a full one for several reps. I find this very challenging. As much I as I dread these coming up I feel so accomplished afterward that I am glad they are there.

The other challenging thing was in the first cardio section. Pam does a move she calls “hot cross buns” that I originally found quite confusing. She teaches it slow once on the right and not at all on the left. It took me quite a while to get this move. For comparison in Aerobic Body Shaping Allie teaches a box step four times slow on the right and twice slow on the left. I already knew how to box step and it was on flat ground, I was not familiar with the ‘hot cross buns’ and it used the TransFirmer with the 6" and 8" section next to each other. I think the Firm got the learning curve reversed on these two moves. After doing this workout a number of times I now enjoy ‘hot cross buns’ and really feel it in my outer thighs.

The last cardio section is a space hog. You grapevine around the TransFirmer and then do runners lunges off the ends. I need to place the TransFirmer very carefully in my space for this part.

Instructor Comments:
In general I like Pam. I find her cuing clear for the most part. In this workout during the stretch she calls every lunge a runner's lunge and I found that confusing until I was very familiar with the workout.