The Firm: Jiggle Free Buns (BSS4)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

The Firm Transfirmer Series Jiggle Free Buns is a 33 minute workout led by Pam Cauthen Meriwether. She is joined by Alison Davis who shows beginner and low impact modifications, and Allie, Annie and Stephanie. I like the music in this one, but Stephanie's cueing was a bit off at the beginning, and I think they missed some glute lifts on the left leg in the first segment. Unfortunately since GT didn't chapter these DVD's, I wasn't able to go back and look again.

Other than that ... I like this one better than Jiggle Free Arms. It has cardio segments in between the strength training, as does JFA, but this time the segments seem more focused on lower body work, giving the overall feeling of the workout as a "true" lower body workout, as opposed to a cardio & weights workout, as I feel JFA is.

The warm up uses the green section of the Transfirmer in front of the blue. Squats and lunges are next, using "heavy" weights. I used 2 12# bells for most of the entire workout although there were places I could have easily gone heavier. The lunges are sideways onto the green section and Pam does a great job with form pointers here.

The first cardio segment uses both sections of TF, and this time plenty of side shots are shown so I know definitively we are not standing on the blue section and stepping back over the green! We are stepping onto the green.

The next strength segment uses the green section on an incline, and features lunges onto the incline, hamstring work from the blue part as an option, and dips on the floor. We then keep the TF inclined for the next cardio segment, and again use both sections for straddles, over the tops, and some unique and fun moves like "hot cross buns"!

We then stack the TF and do leg press with heavy weights. Your heart rate will climb here. They do them off the back, off the side, then lose the weights to climb the TF itself. WHEW! As if that weren't enough, you then pick up the weights again and do hover squats, with some lifting feet and then dragging the foot in, just for fun! We end this long segment with plie work, still using the weights.

The final cardio segment consists of floor work, then use of the 14 inch TF for runner's lunges and glute lifts. The cool down gradually turns into dynamic and then static stretches, and is thorough and effective.

Overall, I like this one better than JFA, but Jiggle Free Abs is still my favorite of the Jiggle Free three. I give this one an A minus.


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