The Firm: Fat Blasting Cardio (BSS3)

Lisa Kay
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

Some background on me: I am advanced in cardio (IMAX2 and other Cathe, TLP, Christi, and FIRMS are my favorites), low-advanced in weight work (Cathe at almost Cathe's weights and FIRM). I enjoy the pre- and post-Goodtimes FIRMs.

I'm sure someone else has already broken down the exercise sequence of this DVD (and I'm not good at that anyway), so I'll just give my overall impressions of the workout.

I really enjoy this The first few times I tried it, I found Lisa Kay's cueing to be baffling. For example, she cues "left side mambo on the box" when she means to mambo leading with the right foot on the left corner of the box. A few times she doesn't cue a new move at all. At first I would end up on the wrong foot during many parts of the workout. I can usually learn Christi Taylor and Cathe F.'s routines fairly easily, and I'm a person who prefers minimal cueing, so I found this irritating. I was also irritated when she kept commanding me to "have fun with this."

Because of my irritation and because of my contrary personality, I decided to take on this workout as a challenge. I would learn it and learn it well if it was the last thing I did - and I would have fun with it, by golly! I ended up totally tuning Ms. Kay out and just watching the moves, which are really fairly basic and not nearly as complex as her cueing makes them seem.

The result? I no longer curse at Lisa (except during the "have fun" parts) and I like the music and the incline box. I especially like the part where the box is inclined and you lunge onto it and then shift your weight forward to balance on the front foot. I do wish the workout was longer than 30 minutes, but it does make a good add-on or busy day workout.

Instructor Comments:
Lisa Kay is a pleasant enough instructor, in the usual scripted, FIRM sort of way. Her cueing is... perplexing. She says, "Have fun with this," a lot.