The Firm: Complete Body Sculpting (BSS3)

Christa Riley
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I am a low-intermediate exerciser. I really like the Transfirmer videos and the newer Gaiam Firms and have no experience with the Firms of the 20th century.

I expected to like this one, since most people on the Firm checkin like BSS3 best of all the BSS era Firms. I had a lot of dread about trying this.

I really LOVED it. The exercises seemed really varied, the simple cardio was a little refreshing after the challenges of the 2008 firms. There are v-steps but that's about as hard as it gets.

I agree with urbanhippie that the abs are the best part. I can really manage to make lower crunches easy for myself on the floor, they were challenging on the transfirmer and I still feel them.

Christa and Pam are quite thin but I liked Christa as a lead. Also, it seems to me that in BSS3 there is a lot less simpering and looking beautiful than in BSS2, a difference I appreciate.

Instructor Comments:
Christa seems sincere. She discusses health benefits rather than appearance-related issues. She is businesslike and does not chatter on.

Coleen (cjo42a)