The Firm: Complete Body Sculpting (BSS3)

Christa Riley
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I liked this workout. I used the TransFIRMer instead of the box, and the TransFIRMer worked great. I felt the hi-lo routine was made a little more interesting with the incline, and my heart rate got up high enough that I finished the last cardio section on the floor instead of on the incline.

I'm low intermediate, an would-be intermediate-advanced exerciser who fell off the exercise wagon due to illness and life in general. I got plenty sweaty and worked out, and felt the lunges on the incline were not only easier than lunges on the Fanny Lifter, but worked slightly different areas.

I also liked the upper body work done on the incline. Having read reviews of BSS4 that talked about the need for some padding, I simply folded a yoga mat in half lengthwise and placed it over the TransFIRMer. It had plenty of grip on me and the box. Upper body work was limited to triceps, chest and pecs, but it was effective.

The hardest part, however, was ab work done on the inclined box. Yowie! I've been doing the FIRM since 1992, on and off, and the newer FIRMs seem to have the hardest ab work I've ever done. Lower body crunches, oblique twists and leg extension/twists done on the incline not only felt harder, they didn't give me heartburn like I normally get on the floor.

A definite keeper! A solid A.

Instructor Comments:
Christa was a good instructor, a little on the thin side, but her cuing was okay. The volume did become a little bit of an issue, but wasn't a deal breaker.