The Firm: Complete Body Sculpting (BSS3)

Christa Riley
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Well....I wish I'd saved my $14 I paid to buy this tape. When I previewed this and Total muscle shaping the thought came to my mind 'same workout different instructor'. I guess I'm just disappointed that the firm doesn't evolve much in their exercises. The incline to me is - big whoopie. I'm getting tired of doing to same workout/exercises in these Firm tapes with just a different set and instructor. Time to branch out I guess.
The music for me was not great and I'm not fond of the dark set.
Another one goes to the garage sale pile.

Instructor Comments:
Christa Riley is so wirey in this video. She has lost so much weight since, for example, Cardio Sculpt and she just doesn't look good IMO. Her personality is fine though and I didn't find her annoying.