The Firm: Total Sculpt plus Abs (BSS2)

Jen Carman
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I liked this video much better than Maximum Cardio Burn.

The total workout is 55 minutes long and tends to alternate upper body, lower body, and cardio work. I liked the music better in this one and I liked the fewer, shorter cardio sections.

I still think the workout suffers for the new sculpting stick. At some points you have it balanced on one end and do "rows" with it, which is fine except the end on the floor kept skidding around. I can't for the life of me figure out how they kept theirs still on that shiny floor. Also, using the stick really limits the weight you can use, and they combine exercises that would be difficult to do with really challenging weights, ex: an overhead press (which I can almost use 15# for) and a sweep down, (which would be really hard for me with anything more than 7# dumbbells.) And they really don't offer enough form pointers for this stuff, not do they use good form, rocking their torsos all over the place instead of really focusing on holding their cores still.

So, I thought I got a more thorough workout, but not a super-challenging one. Definitely not as challenging as Body Sculpt (Jen's video from the first infomercial set) and not as sweaty as Body Sculpt Blaster, which really keeps the pace up.

The stretch was nice, actual yoga poses with actual yoga names, although no real form instruction.

Instructor Comments:
Jen often says "do this twice" when what she means is "do this for two counts." I find this kind of irritating, but aside from that find her to be a pleasant and capable instructor.

Renee D