The Firm: Maximum Cardio Burn (BSS2)

Allie Del Rio
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I haven't tried a Firm video since the Tri-Trainers, and was very pleased with this video which I received in a trade. As a high intermediate/low advanced exerciser, it is a perfect workout to raise my heart rate, while being done completely low impact. Unlike Charlene's videos which offer some of the only low impact around (and which I also like), this video has great variety. There is a combination of floor work with the stick that uses large muscle movements to raise the heartrate while also working the shoulders, back, and triceps and biceps. I used my 12 lb. body bar, and could hardly make it through the arm work. They also intermix step and floor work, including kickboxing. The moves are fairly basic, but since the segments are so short, and they make small changes throughout the combo, it held my interest. Next time I do this video, I'm going to try doing the tall box climb section with my body bar on my shoulders. It's not fast enough to be considered aerobic, and it's controlled enough to have weight - it moves much slower than Mindy does with weights on Awesome Strength. The leg work segment included kickboxing moves and some inner and outer thigh work (although I question the effectiveness of this as mentioned by another reviewer). In addition, there was a short section with weights or twigs that worked the bicep and back. The ab work was pretty basic, but did include two sets of planks - my favorite. The music didn't stand out, but wasn't annoying either. This is a workout that I can see myself reaching for often, because of the low impact, ability for modification, and constantly changing activity.

Instructor Comments:
Allie still has the same winning personality that showed in her earlier video. She cued ahead of time, although very little instruction was offered. I find her very motivating in this video.

Lynne M.