The Firm: Complete Aerobics & Weight Training (BSS2)

Emily Welsh
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I don't understand the positive comments left at Collage video about this tape. The exercises felt sloppy to me, eg. a lunge with a rear leg raise (which really doesn't do a whole lot for the rear leg and you lose control with your form) and same with the dragging your feet during wide leg squats. There are other less effective forms of regular weight work for the sake of being innovative like uneven squats, or kicking then squating. I've never felt those do much and I'm not at an advanced level.

I didn't like the music in this tape of the 3. The rest of this workout is OK. I just felt after doing other Firms that I couldn't wait to do this again or "what a workout!" but didn't get this from this tape at all.

Instructor Comments:
She repeats that the sculpting stick is the perfect tool and that following the beginner is key too much.