Gotta Sweat: Absolution

Cory Everson, Michelle LeMay, Camille Kneuer
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Abs/Core

I got this video off the exchange (thanks, Joni!). I really wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised. I'm an advanced exerciser who's never been happy with my abs. This tape made me pleasantly sore. It's about 10 segments of 3 minutes each of traditional ab work. I did the tape in it's entirety once and, man, was I sore! It's the perfect tape to use as an add-on, like you would Firm 5-Day Abs, and it's even better because you can do as many 3 minute sections as you have time (or energy) for. There are a few interesting exercises, but for the most part, this is strictly traditional (ie-not Pilates or stablization) ab work. There are not many form pointers, so I would not recommend this to a beginner. I'd classify it as intermediate. I liked the music (which I REALLY didn't expect!), it's motivating, and not the same old CIA/Cathe Dynamix remix. All in all, it's a good, solid ab routine.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Cory. She has a lot of motivation and tips. Her sister Cameo and Michelle count the reps (thank goodness, because Cory cannot keep in time with music!). Those 3 really crack me up with their comments (ok, I have a corny sense of humor, I acutally like the "shoulders are sexxxxy" from GHAS).