Get Hard: Arms and Shoulders

Cory Everson
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Upper Body Strength

This is a fabulous upper body workout, but it is NOT for beginners. Some tapes can be easily modified by using lower weights or reps. This is not one of them, and for a long time, it sat on my shelf, unused, because it was too intimidating.

Iím glad I gave this tape another try. It is an intense workout: each body part gets three sets in a row of a focused strength-building move, followed by three sets of super-setted exercises for endurance. Itís a lot of reps, but the supersetted structure makes the time pass quickly.

The exercises are pretty standard, and the routine is well-structured, but this tape is definitely for the more advanced exerciser. Cory does not offer much advice on what weight to use (other than a generic ďgo heavier if you want toĒ) and youíll need to know your strengths, no pun intended, well enough to judge this sort of thing on your own considering the number of reps youíll be doing. The three sets of supersets allow a chance to pyramid if you want, so some trial and error might be involved initially as you adjust to the workout. There arenít a lot of gym-style pyramidable tapes out there, so if thatís your thing, this short, efficient workout is definitely worth trying.