Get Hard: Arms and Shoulders

Cory Everson
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Upper Body Strength

This is a WONDERFUL workout for the arms and shoulders! Cory does both strength building and toning and shaping exercises so that you get -as she says- the best of both worlds. The workout is very thorough- I like having exercises included for the forearms.

I had been doing "Firm" videos for many months and had seen barely any change in my arms, so I purchased this videos after reading the glowing reviews on this site. I committed myself to doing it twice a week for a month and finally, my arms are changing! As Cory promises, my arms have become HARD. In this short time, they have gained much more definition than I thought possible. Finally, RESULTS! I also really enjoy doing this video- the fact that it is a mixture of both straight sets and super sets "breaks up" the workout and prevents it from becoming boring.

I wish it had a companion video that works back and chest, but it's not a big deal as I can do my own exercises for these body parts.

The only 'minus" to this tape is that I find some of the reps are performed too quickly for my taste, as I prefer a slower, more controlled pace when lifting weights, especially on the muscle-building exercises. That said, I just go at my own pace even if that means I sometimes have to rewind.

All things considered, this is my favourite upper body tape and the only one I've done that works for my arms and shoulders. I highly recommend it (it is fast becoming the only upper body tape I do!).

Instructor Comments:
Cory is very upbeat and energetic. Although I can see how her constant "perkiness" might get on some people's nerves, I actually found her quite motivating. Her incredible physique is also motivating.

Linda P.