Get Hard: Arms and Shoulders

Cory Everson
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Upper Body Strength

I had to do a review of this jewel of a workout because as a Firm Believer, I've never come across another heavy weight lifting video I liked. Untill now. If you can forget about the ripped up potato bag background set and the muscly flexing introduction ( every one is flexing one to another in the beginning) this tape WILL defenitely give you results. After doing this workout, I felt sore in places the Firm hasn't made me. My shoulders were aching all night in a good pain. I almost had to reach for the Advil.

The workout is divided into 3 segmants. Shoulders, biceps and triceps. I like the fact that they aren't afraid to use heavy weights and use all different sizes not just ONE size which is what most toning video's do. I think since they are body builders they can show the public to use heavy weights. Cory always is telling you to go up or down in weight after the end of the set and before the beginning of the next set of reps. At the end of the shoulders work, Cory flexes her shoulder to show off her muscly physique and then goes to flex her huge bicep to show you that the bicep section is coming up. She uses a barbell for some work like the shoulder presses and some of the tricep and forearm work. She also has a great set of forearm weight work. This is so unique. Not even the Firm has this in their video's. The Firm says in 20 questions that just holding the weights works your forearms. I must say that after Cory's workout on the forearms ( which she says is good for racquet sports or waterskiing) I know my forearms are weak. Cory says this is her worst area on her body.

I like all the different toning for the triceps. French press, kickbacks and then you go down on the bench( I use my step) and do some tricep work with a barbell but you can use dumbells instead.

As you know from the other reviews, Cory doesn't do pushups or back work. I don't mind so much because I know I'm getting it with the Firm video's. Cory's Get Hard Arms and Shoulder will definately be rotation with my other Firm weight training video's.

Cory maintains good form in her black two piece exercise attire. Her cueing is good and she is friendly ( in a sexy sort of way) as she says things to you like, " if I can do it you can or I hope I can finish this with you!" She has other very muscly body builders in the video. Two women and 3 men who alternate for each segmant. One man on the Shoulder's segment looks like he wants to be the Incredible Hulk! Her hair looks darker blonde or light brown. Different from the light blonde in her other video's. I like how Cory talks to you in the cool down. She reminds you to think about the muscles you just worked. I am amazed at how muscly she is! When she was doing bicep work, it was huge! I looked at my bicep and there is no comparison! She must be a Mesomorph!

Mandy Lee