Get Hard: Arms and Shoulders

Cory Everson
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Upper Body Strength

I have been working out to Abdominals & Glutes, and Arms & Shoulders for 4 months now, and I absolutly love them, I highly recommend them to my friends and any one else out there who haven't had the great experience to working out to them. I'm already seeing good results, people who don't even know me ask me "where do you work out, as they are looking at my arms" So I tell them, "at home with Cory" The videos are very bubbly, all the instructors make it fun, the music is catchy and upbeat, not slow and boreing, and I always find my self singing along and saying the words with Cory (I'm loosin it!)...Forearms. I am satisfied with the results I have been seeing although I could use some help on the legs, gotta work those legs! I'd like to say thanks to Cory for getting me motivated, some day my body will look like yours.

All of these instuctors are bubbly, smiley, just by looking at there bodies give you motivation that you, yourself can have a toner body, it is possible.

Colleen Schreiber